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Can your students imagine life without school?

More than 4 million refugee children don’t have access to a school. The problem is growing because of armed conflicts, political instability, and severe weather events.

If you’re a teacher, classroom parent or Sunday School instructor, you can inspire your classroom or student body to help. Make Tent Schools International the beneficiary of your next student charity drive. Your students can make a difference!

Make the refugee crisis relevant for your students and inspire them to help.

More children than ever have been forced to flee for their lives and leave their schools behind. We strive to ensure all children have the opportunity to develop their potential through education, and our work has never been needed more.

Join us in getting refugee children back in school. 

The refugee crisis is overwhelming. But when we come together, we can do powerful things. Dozens of schools and congregations have done special offerings, fundraisers and coin drives to provide hope for hurting families by getting refugee children back in school. Contact us to learn more!

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