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Israel-Hamas conflict impacts Lebanon, but schools remain safe

Our goals:

Schools are an opportunity to lean in, not check out

As we sat in a recent staff meeting to discuss the latest Middle Eastern conflict, Scott Vander Kooy, TSI President, said, “It may sometimes feel as if we’re pouring into a bottomless bucket with the refugee crisis. But rather than checking out, now is the time to lean in. It may seem like the need is endless, but there’s a different way to view it: each child has his or her own bucket we can fill.”

Can refugees take much more?

As the news from the Middle East seems to worsen the outlook of refugees in the area, we are encouraged by the work that continues through our partners in this region as, together, we pour into each child. 

In Lebanon, the war between Israel and Hamas is causing clashes along the southern Lebanese border shared with Israel, culminating most recently with the January 2 explosion in Beirut that killed Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri.

Our partner at Warm Heart School reports there is increased fear among Syrian refugee families in the Bekaa Valley camps as they relive memories of war in their homeland of Syria.

“We are focusing on the spiritual aspect [with the children] more and more,” said Pastor Joseph of Warm Heart. “They are afraid they will lose everything again, including their lives or those of their loved ones. We talk to them about God’s love for them and the gift of eternal life.”

Filling kids’ buckets with peace and hope

In 2024, Warm Heart School will continue to serve 225 Syrian children with spiritual enrichment, basic instruction and vocational training through its mobile classrooms, supported by TSI donors.

Your support makes a difference. Together, we are helping children feel safe, loved, and ready to learn in Lebanon.

The mobile school in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

"Rather than checking out, now is the time to lean in."
- Scott VanderKooy, TSI President

Warm Heart School, a mobile school in Lebanon, serves Syrian refugees displaced to Bekaa Valley. Through this partnership, we are offering children peace and opportunity despite conflicts along Lebanon’s southern border.

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