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Jordan is a relatively safe haven for schools in the Middle East

Our goals:

Despite protests in Jordanian streets over the Israel-Hamas conflict, Jordan remains a relatively safe location in the Middle East.

Marka Education Center (formerly Good Shepherd Center) continues to serve 130 Iraqi children in Amman with quality schooling centered around the teachings of Jesus.

A major need continues to be transportation for Iraqi children from the distant neighborhood, Al-Hashemi. TSI began raising funds for a school bus in 2022, but when more urgent needs arose, funding was redirected to ensure the school could thrive through 2023.

TSI supporters funded a special needs classroom and textbooks in 2023

Now, Marka Education Center will continue to serve students into 2024, equipped with textbooks and a special education classroom. A bus may be on the horizon, but for now the focus remains on quality instruction for students who are able to travel to the center on foot, with their parents, or in the school’s van, which takes multiple trips to Al-Hashemi each day.

Together, we are delivering compassionate education to Iraqi students in Jordan. Thank you for showing them God’s love!

Good Shepherd Center in Amman, Jordan – 2023

"It's like they're home and feeling loved. They have joy at school."
- Rawan Haddad

Step inside a typical classroom at Marka Education Center.

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