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Ramen’s story: Iraqi boy gets a fresh start at school in Jordan

A report from Good Shepherd Center, our partner in Amman, Jordan
(Top photo: Ramen, third from left, with new school friends in Jordan)

Iraqi family finds a new home and school for their children after fleeing ISIS in their home nation

Ramen joined Good Shepherd Center in April, when his family arrived in Jordan after fleeing Iraq. They were forced to leave their home for security reasons, as Christians living in a region where they are targeted by ISIS for their faith. Our staff began visiting the family weekly, and we invited Ramen and his sisters to join us at our school.

Ramen is a diligent, curious student who loves science, despite being denied the opportunity to be taught well before he came to our school.

At first he was frustrated with his new life and having to leave his school and friends, but after two weeks at Good Shepherd Center, his sisters began noticing changes in his mood, his progress in science, and how the administration and staff were connecting with him, and they decided to come to school, too. 

We’ve invited Ramen’s family to join our prayer meetings and we continue with home visits, encouraging them in every way we can. The church associated with the school is also helping the family with household supplies: a fan, heater, pillows, bedding and food coupons. They gave Ramen’s mother an opportunity to work in the church kitchen preparing meals for congregants. Now she has income to meet her family’s needs!

In the past five months, we as a church and school were able to help a family in dire need of support, and their children with an educational sanctuary where they are progressing academically, spiritually and psychologically. We urge them to persevere despite difficult circumstances, and we will continue to support them as they settle in their new country.

"Ramen is a diligent, curious student despite being denied opportunities in Iraq."
- Dawlat Hijazeen, Principal at Good Shepherd Center

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