Schools for Displaced Children

We come alongside leaders in refugee camps and other transitional areas to launch effective schools for displaced children.

First, we identity an international crisis area and assess our ability to enter and impact the people seeking refuge there. Second, we connect with like-minded partners based within their countries of origin who have the capacity to establish learning environments serving displaced children within that region. Third, we fund a tent school – a physical space for learning.

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Technology for Displaced Youth 

We create access to technology for displaced and resettled students.

We provide desktop and laptop computers for school and job training opportunities for refugee youth. In the  United States we work with resettlement agencies to identify families in need of a computer in the home. We also work with international organizations to equip them with devices to assist in their educational programs for refugees. The devices are provided in partnership with electronics recycler Comprenew, the only non-profit electronics recycler in the world certified to the highest possible standards in quality, environmental safety, and data security.

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If you are an individual or entity serving displaced populations through compassionate education, you may apply for a grant from Tent Schools International.