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Classes continue despite missile strikes in Ukraine

Academy of Wisdom in Bucha, Ukraine, is planning to launch a new school year after losing 110 students to displacement and no end in sight to the war with Russia. 

“Russian news says that their army is more successful,” said Alina Tolbas, the school’s director, who has lived in Germany with her family since the invasion. “European news says Ukrainians are more successful. Every day we hear something different. This war will take time, and it’s difficult to say when it will end.” 

Serge Kozhukh is a school employee still living in Bucha. He says he hears missiles land nearby several times a week.

“We plan to start the school year with the 140 students who have returned. We need to open our school in person despite the dangers.” 

Tolbas visits the school when she can, and says her greatest joy is seeing students able to gather in person after displacement and virtual learning. She expressed gratitude for the support donors have sent for teachers.

“It’s not only financial support, it’s also hope for our school. Now we can continue our work. It’s difficult to express my gratitude in words.”

Thank you for your support of this important work in Ukraine!

Our goals:

"This war will take time, and it's difficult to say when it will end."
- Alina Tolbas

Sandbags in classroom windows protect students from flying glass in case of a nearby missile strike,
still heard regularly in Bucha.

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