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7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes the Middle East

BREAKING: After a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the Middle East in the early hours of February 6, our team in Lebanon is safe and none of the students or their family members were injured. People spent the night outside and remain outdoors fearing that their homes might collapse. They are also dealing with a blizzard in the area.

Mobile school doubles as a relief vehicle after the earthquake in the early hours of February 6, 2023

Pastor Joseph, co-founder of our partner organization, says he is grateful to TSI donors for the multi-purpose truck that functions as a mobile school in Bekaa Valley. Without it, they could not reach families with medicine, food, and other urgent needs after the earthquake.
“They are now helping families who are affected by the blizzard and the earthquake, trying to get them to a safe place or drive them to another area where their relatives live,” said TSI’s Rawan Haddad, liaison to the Middle East.
Pastor Joseph asks for strength and prayers for the team as no one slept last night. Pray also for the refugee families who are most affected by these disasters in Bekaa Valley. They are worried about their families and relatives who are still in Syria, and for those who are now in Turkey, the epicenter of the quake.
Lastly, please pray for the Lebanese people who are suffering right now with the loss of their homes.
“They were recovering from what happened during the Beirut explosion in 2020, and now another disaster has come into their lives,” said Haddad. “A state of alert is in place from the army, the Red Cross and the fire stations to try to keep everything under control in Lebanon.”
"They are trying to get [student families] to a safe place or drive them to an area where relatives live."
- Rawan Haddad, TSI's liaison to the Middle East
The mobile school is delivering relief supplies to school families in Bekaa Valley after the February earthquake that affected Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern nations.

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