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Laptops benefit refugee and resettled students from 11 nations

Educational technology is a leap forward for families in transition

LEAP delivers laptops to resettled students

One way our mission serves refugee families is through LEAP, a program of Tent Schools International and electronics-refurbishing company Comprenew. LEAP grants devices primarily to resettled students in the United States who are taking online job training and language courses. 
Leonie Umwariwera is a former refugee from Rwanda who spent years in a Ugandan camp before coming to the U.S. in 2018. She secured her LEAP device as a client of Bethany Christian Services.
“It has a lot of [capability],” she said. “I want to use it for my future schooling.” 
LEAP clients claim 11 countries of origin, and some are instructors or refugee students abroad. House of Ruth in Madaba, Jordan received three LEAP laptops in January for an after-school computer class serving 20 Syrian students. Twenty more are on a waiting list for the class due to a shortage of devices.
“The three are a good start,” said TSI’s Rawan Haddad. 
Among Tent Schools International’s client organizations through LEAP are Bethany, Treetops Collective, Warm Heart Lebanon, House of Ruth, and the African Resource Center.
Learn more about our LEAP technology program today.
"It has a lot of capability. I want to use it for my future schooling."
- Leonie Umwariwera, a new American originally from Rwanda

Syrian girls use a LEAP laptop at House of Ruth in Madaba, Jordan

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