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Ten Million Displaced in Ukraine

The United Nations reports that over ten million people have fled the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are traveling to neighboring countries to the west, primarily Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova. Smaller numbers have gone to Russia and Belarus. Packed trains have been heading to Ukraine’s border, and long lines of traffic have appeared on roads leaving the country.

The world is delivering aid.

Poland’s government has requested more funding from the EU in order to host the number of people arriving there. Romania and Hungary are offering cash allowances for food and clothing, and children are being placed in local schools. Greece and Germany are sending urgently needed supplies including tents, blankets and masks to Slovakia, while France is sending medicine to Poland.

The EU will grant Ukrainians who flee the war the right to stay and work within its 27 nations for up to three years. They will also receive access to housing, medical treatment and schooling for children.

The second wave of relief.

When a crisis first occurs, organizations band together to meet immediate and urgent needs. But not far behind is the pressing need to get children back in school.

Tent Schools International (TSI) is prepared to come through with technology and other learning support for Ukrainian children, and we’ll need your help. We plan to be involved in eastern Europe within the next two months. This may include educational devices sent with aid groups from the United States, and locating former partners in Hungary and Romania to offer support for schools that will soon receive Ukrainian refugees.

Give today to support this work.

Headline photo: Getty Images
Embedded photo: Ukrainian students from the Academy of Wisdom in Bucha, before the Russian invasion
Source: BBC World News

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