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New programs launch at Ukrainian school aiming to serve others

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Academy of Wisdom moves from survival to service mode in Bucha

This year, Academy of Wisdom in Bucha, Ukraine continued to operate with students attending in person. Today, 178 children study there, many of whom are internally displaced due to the Russian invasion in the spring of 2022.

Alongside academics, the Academy teaches students to model Jesus’ love through service to others. Students volunteer at animal shelters and support Ukrainian soldiers with their artwork, warm clothes they’ve collected, and other comfort items they gather and send to the troops. Students recently made their own candles and sent them along with the packages.

“We want them to feel children’s care and gratitude for protecting us,” said former director Alina Tolbas, who was displaced to Germany in 2022.

New programs offer a trauma-informed approach for students living in fear

Psychological fallout from the invasion among the student body compelled the staff to begin providing trauma support through both art therapy and one-on-one meetings with students and parents.

Air raid alerts in and around Bucha are broadcast on older students’ phones, so staff have also introduced an after-school class in media literacy to teach students how to use smartphones and navigate the internet in ways that protect mental health.

You are an integral part of helping displaced students heal from trauma and achieve their potential, in Jesus’ name. Thank you for your support in Ukraine! 

Academy of Wisdom, Ukraine

"Every Ukrainian has faced despair, but human compassion helps us feel we are not alone."
- Nellya Bultova

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