“Whosoever” Includes Refugees

December 2016 – Tonight, a Syrian mother sits inside her tent in a foreign land called Lebanon. She is blessed to be alive for her children, who surround her. Want to meet her? You can when you watch our new video release from Lebanon. Avoiding direct eye contact with the camera, she recalls the bombs, […]

Rihab’s Story

Rihab is 11 years old. She is from Bayadah, Homos and came to Lebanon five years ago fleeing the war in Syria. She has five brothers and sisters and this year she is attending our tent school program. In the last five years she was in Lebanon she went for one year to a school […]

The Power of These Words: “Jesus Was a Refugee, Too”

December 2016 – ‘Tis the season when familiar carols are sung around town and over airwaves to help us remember again the true meaning of Christmas. One of my favorites is the simple “Away in a Manger” so many of us learned in our earliest days at home, or as we prepared for parts in […]

UN Summit: Education is Parents’ Number One Relief Request

At the United Nations (UN) Summit on Refugees and Migrants held in September of this year, it was revealed that when parents were asked how relief funding should be spent in the camps, it was not food, shelter or electricity that topped the list. The response instead was, “We need schools for our children.” Earlier […]

Food or a Future?

For many refugee parents, it comes to that. Hard choices are daily challenges in refugee camps. But the answer may surprise you. When parents were asked how relief funding should be spent in the camps, it was not food, shelter or electricity that topped the list. The response instead was, “Provide schools for our children.” […]

Coming soon…

We’re making progress on a new tent school in Lebanon! If funds can be raised in the next few weeks to hire teachers, this school will open in October. Some of the children have never been to school; many others have had their education disrupted for as long as five years. This school will serve […]

Technology for Tent Schools

BEKAA VALLEY, LEBANON – A tent school in Lebanon is putting to good use four Tech-Kits sent by Tent Schools International. Most children experiencing displacement have little access to technology, which can limit learning opportunities and future job prospects. Each Kit contains enabled technology including a mini-laptop, flash drive, charger and extra battery. Learn more […]

Back to School in Bekaa Valley

BEKAA VALLEY, LEBANON – Thanks to supporters, 50 Syrian refugee children will go back to school in October. The first phase of funding for a tent school in a refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon has been supplied by supporters of Tent Schools International. That’s 50 more children who are… Returning to their […]

Project: Lebanon

BEKAA VALLEY, LEBANON – The excitement is building. A tent school may soon be on the horizon! Last month, we sent an urgent letter to TSI supporters from our Lebanese partners, George and Anne, about the opportunity to set up another tent school for Syrian refugee children. They and the displaced families they serve are […]

Urgent Appeal from Lebanon

The Syrian disaster, and a Christian response in Lebanon through tent schools BEKAA VALLEY, LEBANON – My name is George and I am originally from Lebanon. I am married to Anne, and she is from France. After doing mission work together in South America and Bangladesh, we moved to my home country of Lebanon in […]