Ten Million Displaced in Ukraine

The United Nations reports that over ten million people have fled the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are traveling to neighboring countries to the west, primarily Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova. Smaller numbers have gone to Russia and Belarus. Packed trains have been heading to Ukraine’s border, and long lines of traffic have appeared […]

Roma School Serves Children in Ukraine

NAGYDOBRONY, UKRAINE – A partnership with a school serving the Roma population in Eastern Europe has resulted in $4,000 in funding from Tent Schools International (TSI) for the school’s lunch program, school supplies, and a portion of teacher salaries. The Roma (or Romani people), Europe’s largest minority group, has a history of forced assimilation and […]

A School for Roma Children

The Roma, or “Gypsy,” people are indeed one of the most under-educated people groups in the world. Though stereotypes of wandering Gypsy wagon caravans remain, their lives are anything but the romanticized or vilified images they are portrayed as in movies. Roma are stigmatized as thieves, discriminated against by authorities, and their children, if allowed […]